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Joy has brought along information about her other planned book series today.

Epiphany (Book 1: The Seven)

Picture Epiphany will be the first installment in a paranormal romance bordering on Urban Fantasy.

Seven paranormal races have been at war since the dawn of time. The battle falls to seven families, who rule each race. Their lineage casts a great weight on their shoulders, even as they inherit allies and enemies. Those lost spell grief for the ruling clans, until a treaty is struck. Only the royal seven are aware of the terms and the secrets contained within.

Lily's childhood was spent in a vortex of constant change, as she was bounced from foster home to foster home. She spent those years dwelling on her past, wondering why she was abandoned, and where she came from. On her 23rd birthday, she discovers a rare book; it's pages stained with information about the origins of seven races and the details of their treaty.

At first, Lily believes the book to be a work of fiction. After retracing her steps, she finds a trail of blood has been left in her path, beginning with her discovery of the book. Desperately, Lily seeks answers, while using her book to find a haven, her past catches up with her. Lily is brought face to face with the very ones she needs saving from.

Lily must maneuver through conspiracies, overcome betrayal, and accept the truth of her past. If she doesn't, she may fall pray to those secrets that were better left hidden. How will Lily know which of the Seven are her allies? Can she discover who is stalking her, in time to prevent herself from becoming a casualty of war?
Hellhounds: The Hellhound's are first introduced in the Caged series. They were such interesting characters that I felt they deserved their own series! The Hellhound's series is an urban fantasy that is more graphic than the Caged series. Each book concentrates on one of the Hellhound's as a main character.

Death's Leash (Hellhounds: Book 1)


The myth is wrong…

Death is only a man, but one who has control over all living beings.

He chooses who will live or die.
He commands the fates and gives the order to cut the thread of life.
However, Death isn’t alone.

In the beginning of time,

he realized that it would be impossible for a single figure
to wield power over life and death,
while still having time to punish the wicked.
Death summoned the tainted souls of the dead and from them created a race of females.
They would be the takers of souls,
the guardians of the afterlife,
and the harbingers of death.

They are Death’s Hellhounds.

Wild, impulsive, and terrifying,
these sisters have a solitary goal: to hunt down unspeakable evils.
When Death calls his Hellhounds to embark on the Wild Hunt,
they must forsake their humanity to consume the most depraved souls in existence.
Six remain in the veil between life and death,
but step through the threshold when Death calls.

Kali has spent her immortal life avoiding attachment.

She hides her true self from all but her sisters.
When Death gives her an assignment to hunt a rogue angel,
she must confront the one man who places her heart in danger.
Alone, she must face an enemy too powerful for a solitary Hellhound
and find a way to break Death’s leash.


Soul Awakened: From the Beginning until Eternity (Reincarnation: Book 1)

Would life be less cherished if you were destined to become an old soul;
one who must succumb to death only to be reborn repeatedly?

Faye is a mortal with an immortal soul.
She is destined to die at the hands of another immortal
during the peak of her life, only to be reborn again.
In each life she has a new name, face, and destiny.
However, her soul remains the same.

Faye has no memories of her past lives,
but that is about to change...

After a horrifying accident,
she loses everything dear to her,
moves halfway across the world,
and begins having visions of a man with no face;
a man who kills her, over and over again.
Each life is ended before it truly begins.

Memories of her past lives have been unlocked and along with them,
she discovers an affinity for magic.
Can she master her abilities quick enough to face her demon head on?
Will the memories of her past lives reveal weapons to change her fate?
Will she be aware of her faceless death, when he comes for her?
Or could her executioner be closer than she thought?

Welcome to guest author Joy Stroube

Joy D. Stroube is a full time author, artist, and psychology major. During periods of writers block, she tends to create graphic art for her business, Dreamscape Covers. Her idea for the business began, when she was frequently told by other authors that graphic artists were "too expensive." Since they she has dedicated herself to helping struggling authors. J.D and her business partner are determined to provide breathtaking graphic art that is affordable.
When she's not creating covert art for fellow authors, she is writing or editing one of her numerous novels or delving into her psychology books!
J.D. was first drawn to psychology in high school. She took a Psychology course and the teacher managed to inspire her. Since then, she gradually became aware of her natural ability towards counseling. That coupled with her overwhelming need to know and understand things, brought her to choose a long stretch of college until she completes her Doctorate degree. She then hopes to open her own practice to provide counseling for low income families and children. 

 Caged is a young adult series. However, adults have been known to enjoy it as well. The series is initially about witches, but branches off into a whole world of supernatural creatures! I intended the series to belong in the paranormal romance genre, but it also borders on urban fantasy. It is set in the modern world and raises issues that people face each day, while continuing to have a supernatural flair. Originally, the series was meant to be a trilogy, but has transformed into a quartet.
Already released: Caged in Darkness, Caged in Darkness:


 Special Edition, Caged by Damnation

Caged in Darkness :
A witch raised in a cage of darkness...

Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse.
As a child, she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil,
and now feels permanently tainted by their dark deeds.

When a coven discovers a tear stricken child,
wounded on their elders lawn,
they offer her a sanctuary she has never known. Savannah spends the next several years shattered,
continuously looking over her shoulder,
waiting for the darkness to claim her.

On her 16th birthday,
Savannah’s life takes a drastic turn.
She is consumed by overwhelming power
that forever alters her emotionally and physically.

She must choose between two loves;
the one who taught her to smile or the darkly seductive stranger
who tempts her towards another path.

Savannah must decide between the coven that was her haven
and another one vying for her initiation.
Just as Savannah begins to grasp what fate has in store for her,
an evil looms over her loved ones; coming to claim an unbreakable debt.

How will she survive the greatest evil she has ever witnessed… long enough to have a choice to make?

Savannah Cross has ascended,
overcome a prince of darkness,
and lost one whom she loved.
Her powers have become a liability in the wake of her shattered world.
Her rapid descent into a delusional vortex has made her unable to tell fantasy from reality.
She knows her visions cannot be real
and yet are as unquestionable as the air she breathes.
Her only solace is the demise of the evil that would have destroyed her loved ones,
but can evil ever truly die?

Willow watches as Savannah spirals into chaos,
but is unable to help.
She must answer Death’s ultimatum with one of her own.
How will she leave behind everything to embrace a sisterhood of immortals,
who do not accept her?

Savannah must pull herself from the dark void that has invaded her soul,
while Willow must learn to embrace the hell-hound within,
because an evil has awakened to avenge hell’s lost prince.

Will they be strong enough to face the wrath of hell?

Releasing this year: Caged in Spirit & Caged in Fire
Caged in Spirit :
A cry of war, the sound of battle.
The group of friends must find their mettle.
A prophecy rings through the night,
of the one who has the sight.
A melody has played a tune,
someone will come to claim them soon.
 Bloodshed and chaos, a trail of grief
The beginning of the end will rise from beneath.
The nine hells are circling their prey. Savannah's friends have no choice but to flee, placing their lives in the hands of those they thought to be the least trustworthy. The war of the heavens is upon them and the truth of Savannah's conception may shake the foundation of all.
Blood is on their hands, the stench of decay corrupts everything they come into contact with and the betrayal of one of their own is imminent. It acts as a cloud over their heads; an infection sinking through to their souls.
What they thought they knew was a deception, calculated to draw their eyes away from what is important. How can they accept one another, when even their reflection is marred with imperfections, created by a mirage of  emotions. Everything is a lie. No one can be trusted.
The Draconian's, Hellhounds, and covens must put aside their differences to prevent pools of blood and chaos. The differences of these individuals may make or break their spirits.

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New Adult genre category

The New Adult genre category
Some time ago, when I was blogging at Authors Den, I wrote about the young adult category I was more or less forced to place 'The Seven Spell stories' in, on all the book seller sites. My dilemma was that the books were really for 18 year olds, and mature 17 year olds. Some book sellers actually listed them in with childrens' books, not a good thing when these stories contain themes that are not for under 17 in general.

At the time I wanted a better category, one that was for books aimed at 18-23 year olds. Now three years later the category finally exists. Not all book sellers offer an author the chance to list books in this category yet, probably they have not had the opportunity to update their systems.

I think The Seven Spell stories need to be listed in New Adult.  I am in the process of considering switching them to that category. All the same because they are paranormal/urban and contemporary fantasy they are still not amongst the bulk of New Adult titles' themes. It's a strange thing after hoping a genre definition would become available for them for so long, to now wonder if they will fit amongst the other books out there using that genre title.
If any one has any thoughts for me, having read the books, or just in general I'd love to know them.

What is the definition of New Adult?

Welcome to this week's guest YA author Jeff Miller

Jeffrey Aaron Miller is a 1997 graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of Arkansas. He has held a wide variety of jobs over the years, from social worker to bus driver, from postal carrier to pastor, but through it all, he has remained a storyteller. He is the author of numerous novels, both print and e-books, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and YA. He resides in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and children.

Find Jeffrey Miller online:
Twitter account -
 A tale of mystery and magic set in a tiny town nestled in the hills of the Ozark National Forest. Mary Lanham lives with her elderly Papa in a small house overlooking Main Street. One day, she finds herself at the heart of an unfolding mystery, as a strange man in a long, gray cloak comes to town and begins stirring up trouble. What is the terrible secret her father has kept hidden from her? What is the truth about Mary's past that has awakened a great evil? And how will she win the heart of the boy she loves when the whole world is falling apart? The first of a planned four book series. The sequel, Mary of Shadows, comes out August 2013.
Read an excerpt:
“There’s someone at our door--”
               The whole house shook with the force of the next blow. Pictures fell from the walls, and the windows rattled. Mary dropped the phone and covered her head as bits of plaster rained down from the ceiling. Before she could recover, there came another crash, and she heard the door splinter. Mary looked down the hallway and saw the front door bowed inward, split right down the middle, jagged edges sticking out like broken bones. A final blow ripped the door hinges out of the frame, tore the bolts loose and sent the door flying into the living room in pieces.
               As the pieces settled, Mary saw a man standing in the jagged opening, a tall man in a gray cloak and hood. She ducked back into the kitchen and retrieved the phone, but in her panic, she accidentally hit the “Talk” button and hung it up. She heard the stranger’s feet crunching wood as he entered the house. Mary dropped the phone again and glanced back into the living room to see the stranger sweep his long cloak off his shoulders and stride into Papa’s room.
               “Get out of here,” Papa said, trying to shout but managing only a hoarse croak. “There’s nothing for you here.”
               “Nothing for me?” The stranger’s voice sounded surprisingly calm and deep. “Are you certain of that, old man? I‘ll tell you what I think, I think you‘ve got a secret, old man.”
               Mary raced down the hallway, not thinking clearly, wanting only to protect her frail Papa. The stranger loomed over his bed, his hands held out to his sides, fingers hooked into claws, as if he meant to rend flesh. Papa had not moved from the bed, managing only to throw off his covers.
               “We have contacted the local constable,” Papa said, struggling to prop himself up on his elbows. “He will be here any minute now, but if you leave peacefully, we will consider not pressing charges.”
               The stranger shook his head, so that his hood fell back, revealing a dark head of greasy hair. “Let’s not play these silly games,” he said. “Pretending you don’t know full well why I’m here. We are not afraid of some local rent-a-cop, and we recognize no authority but our own. Tell me where it is.”
               Papa settled his face into a placid smile. “I am sorry to disappoint you, Looker, but I have nothing for you.”
               Mary had no idea what they were talking about, but she noticed that the stranger was inching his way toward Papa as he spoke, tensing as if to leap upon him. She felt a sudden surge of anger, as if something had caught fire in her chest, and, reaching into her pocket, she clutched the tiny crochet hook and pulled it out.
               “Secrets do not make friends, grandpa,” the stranger said. “Now, look, I’ve been following aether trails all over town. They center on this house, and they’re all over this room and all over you. I know you’re hiding something in here. I can take it by force, you know that, but I am giving you the chance to hand it over willingly, before blood is shed.”
               “Delusions of a dim mind, that’s all you’ve been following, fool.”
               The stranger lunged at Papa, grabbing him by the wrist and jerking up from the bed. Mary dove at him, driving the blunt end of her crochet hook into the back of his right leg with all the force she could muster. In her mind’s eye, she saw the crochet hook piercing cloth and flesh, tearing through muscle and bone. However, even with her great burst of rage, she did not penetrate the faded denim of his pants. Nevertheless, the stranger gave a pained yelp and released his grip on Papa.
               He turned to see who had stabbed him, and when he did, Papa grabbed his cane from beside the bed and brought it up and over in a great whooshing arc, cracking him across the top of the head with the brass handle.
               The stranger crumpled forward onto the bed.
               “Mary, get out of here,” Papa said. “Run down the hill into town. Hurry!”

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